So, I've been using Cloudflare on 3 small/medium-traffic sites that have high traffic periods over the past 10 months to save on bandwith...(well Hostgator basically told me I had to do so on two of these last spring or they would kill my account ) does a good job with that. Cuts the hit on the main server by about 30-40% (on top of the normal caching plugins being installed).

So far, I haven't seen anything negative about the service. Supposedly, they have an iPv4 to iPv6 interface that I signed up to permit as well (no idea if this has helped, hurt, or is just ok at this point)...but, I did see an interesting metric in one of the stats views that the company provides with regards to crawl rates: For yesterday:
Bing - 4,610
Google - 3,335
Yahoo 2,158
Baidu 1,621

These are listed as the number of pages crawled by the respective search engine on that day. I was surprised to see Bing having that many more page visits than Google. Anyone have any idea why? Google still provides a fair amount more traffic for the 3 sites than Bing over the same 24 hour timeframe.