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Thread: CPanel vs Plesk

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    Defo cPanel/WHM

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    Cpanel is easy and popular, others are also good but if I were you I would have chosen cpanel
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    cPanel is definitely designed for beginners. I started on it myself and still am somewhat attached to it.
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    plesk customer service is poor , my first hosting script and regret abt it

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  6. A client of mine uses Plesk,hate every time I have to login into it,so you can imagine which of the two I preffer

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    Plesk is good, but personally i feel cPanel is the best web hosting control panel ever designed, i found every feature excellent and not one lacking in anyway.
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    ey cPanel, throw a poll in there

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    cPanel was the first control panel. All others came after. That's why cPanel is the best. They've had more time to improve it. cPanel started when the hosting business was basically just starting. Since then, it's been built upon to stay up to standard with the industry. They also provide good support.

    Quote Originally Posted by SonnyCooL View Post
    plesk customer service is poor , my first hosting script and regret abt it
    I remember I used ModernBill as a hosting billing system before Parallels bought it out and turned it into Plesk Billing. Once that happened, they started charging $75 USD per support ticket per incident. That means if I had two problems, they'd ask for $150. They gave free support for the first month, but took too long to respond. I don't know if they still charge that much and if the fees apply to Plesk.

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    The hosting company that I use offers both cPanel and Plesk. They say that 70% of people choose cPanel.
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