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Thread: DDOS Attacks

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    DDOS Attacks

    It seems like there are more and more DDOS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks these days on internet.

    I find it extremely unfair that if one site is targeted, the whole server goes down without discrimination for the other sites hosted on the same server.

    What are your thoughts about this issue?
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    It is unfair, it's a big risk especially with those bigger shared hosts where many clients are hosted on one server and some do even host hacker forums etc. Those are just targets for some people who like to toy with Ddos attacks.

    Prices for companies doing something against Ddos attacks are way overpriced actually, but you gotta do something
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    Quote Originally Posted by Himeko View Post
    Think it would be wise to use DDoS protection services from the reliable companies which provides it on lovely conditions.
    I know koddos has provided this kind of hosting services in a quality way.
    Another example that shows how costly it is to get a decent provider against Ddos attacks.
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  4. If you are running your own server, you can use (D)DoS Deflate.
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    csf/lfd for Linux has some protections against DDoS attacks. It knows how to detect when the server is being slammed with connections and automatically blocks the bad ones. It takes a long time to configure, but once it's done it's pretty strong. I use it on all of my servers and haven't had any problems.

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    It should be possible to set up a server for a small site from your home cable connection.

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