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Thread: Disappointed Serverloft customer

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    Disappointed Serverloft customer


    We recently wanted to buy a server from a datacenter located in France. After searching around we found serverloft which sounded very good host when we had pre-sales chat with them. So, we bought a server from them which was delivered within 5-6 hours. After logging into server we found that server was configured to be used for basic setup however we wanted to use it for openvz, so we opened a ticket requesting custom partition to be configured on the server which they replied after almost 3 hours saying that we need to use recovery option in their control panel. But, we had never used such a recover option to configure disk partition and requested them to help in this regards. After 4 hours they came with answer saying that its unmanaged server and everything need to be configured by ourselves which is not acceptable since every datacenter helps to create a partition. Although, we requested them send us steps that we can use to make custom partition which we never received and server was remain unused till Monday. Their live chat remained offline whole two days after we ordered a server. So, we had to call them several times [almost 10-12 times] but then too they just said its sales department and they could not assist with technical issues. Finally, we requested a refund which they are refusing saying that
    We have provided your with the necessary tools to make your server usable. If you can not do this due to some technical issue on your side then we have not failed you in any way.
    But we could never use their tools which are really difficult to be used. They never provided us guidance on how to use those tools which we requested several times.
    So, I would recommend everyone not to use them.. Really worst support and service compared to our other provider.

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    I am a customer of Serverloft myself, been with them for about 9 monts. There prices are very resonable, but I can confirm that they hardly provide any support.
    I you have the resouces and knowhow how to manage a server, Serverloft is a valid option. If, on the other hand, you are not in the postition to manage your server you had better look somewhere else.

    Yet, I would like to share a trick with you. If you manage your server with Cpanel, then you can open a ticket with Cpanel. From my experience the Cpanel staff is very helpful, and as long it is not purely related to Serverloft interface stuff, they likely help out.

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    I think that you need to get in touch with provider to find out all details and investigate the situation.

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