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Thread: Do not use dreamhost as your hosting

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    Do not use dreamhost as your hosting

    Hey i would like to tell you experience with dreamhost, i register to their hosting 3 years ago and at first i was really happy with them their support was really good they also had chat support which saved me some time and everything was ok.
    But lately it started few month ago thing got a lot worse, Let is start with the fact that i don't have a chat support anymore when i asked why i was told that my account don't support chat support and you need to pay more to get that (In the past i had that online chat support so i don't know what changed). I pay for their hosting about $120 per year which is very expensive compare to the other hosting providers but that is not enough for them to give me online chat support.
    Few month ago their hosting where hacked i don't really know what happened and what info the hacker took from there but surly a hosting that gets hacked is not a good thing. To fix the problem they changed all the user passwords and the mysql password which made thing really hard.
    Now for the reason i left is a new thing that dreamhost decided to do is to block output emails if the email don't come out with there server name.
    That means that if the email that the script sent from won't be like this their host would block the email in most cases but not always (I don't know another hosting that block emails like that).
    My script send me email with the order info from the email that the sender filled out in the forum which make it easier for me to replay to him if needed, some the emails where sent to me but looking but some didn't sent and got blocked by dream host.
    As the result of that i lost a lot of money and client those 2 month, i pay good money to advertise myself and those 2 months i didn't got much clients because dream host blocked most of the emails, if they would block all of them i would understand that something is wrong but the blocked only some of them.
    Those 2 month i lost a lot of money on advertise and a lot of clients just because of dreamhost, i have to say their customer support is not good those days as well.
    Today i will lose about 2 more month of payment to their hosting because yesterday i moved to hostgator which is so far much better then dreamhost and i do get the online chat i used to get in dreamhost.

    I know it is a bit long and i am sorry for that dreamhost in the past was great hosting but today something bad happening there, so i would recommend you guys not to use that host anymore so you won't end up losing clients and money like i did.
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    There are a lot of legitimate complaints about DreamHost. Either people love them or hate them.

    They are probably the most restrictive of all of the major hosting companies, which is why a lot of common scripts do not run on their servers and people run into problems. I have never used DreamHost, but a few years ago a client wanted to use them so I sent them 8 simple questions about their hosting. They did not answer any of the questions correctly, so I steered the client to another hosting company.
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  3. Thanks for your sharing about this hosting company. This information is very useful for other people if they will use the hosting service. If anybody will use the hosting service, its very recommended to looking for review, its positive or negative review that a lot from this company.

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    I have read many nice as well as bad reviews of them in the Internet.

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    I'd suggest to stay away from EIG brands, their support is really bad

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