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Thread: Do you host Monthly or yearly

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    You don't save THAT much buying yearly. I recently started buying quarterly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5starpix View Post
    What would you do, if the host shut down and left?
    Chances of that happening is rather small. So I am not worried about that, especially if you use popular hosts xD.

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    My all servers are paid on yearly base! Make sense actually!
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  4. I pay monthly ,but i would have no problem paying quarterly,its just that it isnt always a priority and i spend the money on other things so i usually just pay one month and upload the funds for the next month to my account balance so i dont have to worry

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    monthly just in case you get scammed you don't lose all your money , and its easier to get a refund anyway , most companies dont like giving larger amounts of money back :P
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    you can save money if you prefer yearly

  7. It all depends on your host.. That's why you really need to choose wisely.

    If you are hosted by someone reliable that has been around for more than at least 3 or 4 years, and you already have a great track record with that host, then paying yearly could be a good way to save money.

    Also by paying yearly you don't have the problem of one day forgetting a payment, or you go on holiday and then your site / server gets suspended, you miss the emails about it all and your whole site gets deleted before you realise you had to pay something.

    Otherwise never pay yearly, once you do lock yourself in, what incentives have they got to keep working to keep your business.. They already have your money.

    I once had a host who seemed to completely change the very next day after paying for a year, all kinds of things started going wrong suddenly, like they just moved the account to one of their junk servers.

    If you choose the cheap and nasty alternative for hosting then you will want that option to bail out at any time. Always pay monthly otherwise you will be cursing the day when you get screwed by your hosting company who gets bought out by another company and everything goes downhill fast..

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    I pay monthly but after couple of months(4-5) if i start to like them and such i decide to go for semi annual / annually

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    Yearly, thats what most of the coupon codes are worth for, discounts on yearly payments, sometimes i get upto 75 percent off on coupons found on web hosting talk.
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