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Thread: Do you host Monthly or yearly

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  1. Do you host Monthly or yearly

    Do you pay for your host every month or do you pay yearly?

    I use to pay monthly but its a pain so now I am yearly.
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    Strictly monthly. Hosting Industry is such that there are lots of fly by night hosts and I will never risk paying for a years hosting, just to see the company close down in a few months with no refunds.

    But if you are hosting with a mainstream company, then it really does not matter. Very little chance of them closing down, eh?

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    I pay monthly. It's just personal preference and the savings I would make by switching are not worth worrying about at the moment.

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    I pay quarterly at HostGator

  5. Monthly. I just prefer it.
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    Yearly for sure

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    I'm paying every six months over at Hostgator -- I would've paid 3 years in advance to get it cheaper though, but I only had funds to pay 6 months in advance so

    I used to pay monthly too, but than I had to sell something fast to have enough money again which pretty much sucked

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    I couldn't personally be bothered with doing it monthly. If you trust a host enough, you can pay for it yearly, which is what I have done with JustHost, and have had no errors or anything yet.

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    Depends on the company. If it's reliable and has a discount with yearly than I go with yearly. If not then I'll go with monthly or quarterly.

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    I used to host on my office servers, so free of cost for me.

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