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Thread: Do you only go in for .com's?

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    I try to stick with .com's
    I think they're the most popular and widely recognized on the internet.

    Though .net's are fine, also.

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    I really don't care about the domain extention as long as I get the name i want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kier View Post
    I really don't care about the domain extention as long as I get the name i want.
    Well put, however when possible you should try to get all of the TLDs for the name you choose. This way you dont need to worry about squatters.
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  4. I prefer .com and .net....If your site gets big and you own a name like gojo.yu and they purchase the .com and the .net then you will be out of a ton of money trying to get all the domains. I say start with the .com then to the .net then to whatever extension you would like.
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    I go .com at first..

    when it comes to my company, I have


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    I also have some .net and .org domains and some ccTLDs.

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    In my case its .com or .net or even .org sometimes. I buy domain names according to the keywords I want to rank for. If .com is not available I go for .net or .org. If I have to target a certain country, I dont even mind or I avoid .info and .me

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    Very often it is .net, or some suitable ccTLD.

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    .com's always help for branding and that was one mistake I had made with my music forum by taking a .net

  10. This is an interesting thread....

    I typically always go for a .com extention. I am actually pretty new to the domains, so it is really the only one that appeals to me. But, one of the other reasons why I picked .com is because when I show my family, if it is anything other than .com, they wouldn't believe me that I pay for it and that I run it. Haha. Not sure why, they just don't really understand the whole concept of these things.

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