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Thread: Does the design of a host influence you?

  1. Cool Does the design of a host influence you?


    I was wondering, Does the design of a host influence you? In a negative or positive way.

    For me- Like if it is a pathetic/very common ready made template,
    Yes a bit. But features and reviews are more important.

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    Definately. If the host can't be bothered/can't afford to put up a cool design, why would I think they were going to be bothered to help me out if I had any problems?

    The whole idea of a company website is to make yourself look professional and trustworthy, so if it's an awful design, I find it's USUALLY an awful company. ;p

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    yes, if the design of the host is good and it's can be generated rapidly. That's mean that hosting company is good. Do you think so?

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    It all depends, if it is using a free template I won't use it. If it is badly coded I wont use it. If it generally looks ugly I wont use it. But if it has good graphics I will actually look into it more. As long as the graphics don't look like they are from the 80's I got no problem with it.
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    yes, so the important thing is :
    1. good looking. No need to be super modern and cool. A simple one but good looking is enough
    2. the pagesite can be generated rapidly

    if that 2 point completed by a webhosting, i will choose it.

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    agree with simon

    about my post, just look hostgator, the site is so simple but not old fashioned and generated rapidly. That's why many people choose hostgator as their hosting site.

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    Agree with simon too.

    Personally .. design is 2nd place.. i still prefer their offering to me
    (good bandwidth, good space, 24/7 online support)
    but still at least good webhost need good design .. so ppl will get attracted to their webhost.

  8. Yes it does. It's the first thing I see and if it seems like no one put much effort on it then I will close that window for sure

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    Yes it does. A good design draws attention, the design of a website says a lot about the company in my opinion.

    I'm not saying I'll immediately close the window if the design is poor, I'll check out their services and reviews before making a decision, but the professionalism of the website itself plays a large enough factor in whether or not I want to go with that company.

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    The design is the first impression you get of the site.

    It really makes me wonder if a host is doing well, why not invest in a gd design?

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