What is the Difference Between a Managed and UnManaged Dedicated Server?

Most dedicated servers come with two types of accounts, either managed or unmanaged. However, due to the technical problems, some hosts do not offer a managed dedicated server plan. And a dedicated server that is managed by the host will always come with a higher price tag.

In simple terms, an unmanaged dedicated server means you are responsible for every aspect of maintaining the server, from installing upgrades and patches and ensuring server uptime.

A managed dedicated server, however, means that the host will ensure all the technicalities of keeping servers up-to-date and running smoothly are done. If the server goes down, the hosting company will get it back online for you.

If you are technically savvy with servers, an unmanaged server is likely the right choice. But if you are lacking in technical skills required for the server, but still need the unlimited aspects available with having your site (or sites) on their own dedicated server, a managed server is the right choice.

Many hosts will allow you to later switch from a managed plan to an unmanaged plan as you aquire the neccessary skills. Likewise, some will allow you to switch from unmanaged to managed if you find you have gotten in over your head on the server upkeep, maintenance and technical requirements to keep it running smoothly.