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Thread: Free Resellers

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    Free Resellers

    Some people give out free resellers. What do you think of them? I wonder how they do it and start guessing how long it is before they shut down.

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    Beware.. !! You will loose your account after you start earning from your clients. Then who will answer your clients ? If you are serious with your hosting company, I suggest you to get a branded reseller for example Hostgator or Justhost.

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    Not all free resellers will close you if you earn, most I have seen go on trust. If you earn from it, you should pay your host for the space that you are selling. The ones I have seen, ask you to donate anywhere from 1 to 10 percent of your earnings towards them, so that they can continue to give their services out to people.

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    I used to use FreeResellers, the were cool... Well, were, .com accepted my application but never made my account xD.

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    No such thing as free reseller.

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    i didnt try yet

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    If you aren't willing to put the money into something serious like a branded reseller account, I personally don't feel you should be able to embezzle free money out of clients. With that said, I do realize that some allow it and that's their own choice, I couldn't careless. I've got my paid hosts, and I know exactly which datacenter their servers are located in. I keep tabs, and I don't get ripped.

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    A free reseller is good if you want to see the reseller side of an account (WHM for cPanel). It's a good experience, but don't run a host on a free reseller.

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    never heard of a Free Reseller

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    Rarely do I see it these days.

    When I ran a free host, we had a free reseller option. Not too many people have it now though.

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