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Thread: Good Dedicated Hosting Hoster

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    Good Dedicated Hosting Hoster

    I am looking for a good dedicated server hosting. Does anyone know of a good one with low rates? I have tried but they had some problems.
    Steven here, my friends.
    Believe in God.

  2. What exactly is your budget?
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    Well, I was thinking less than $100 would be optimal. I am far from rich and would like to save as much $$$ as possible.
    Steven here, my friends.
    Believe in God.

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    This is the recommendation from me, and it's meet your budget.

    Try to look for some testimonial is always needed

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    Yet someone else promoting his godaddy affiliate site!

    Just go straight to godaddy, why bother with a reseller?


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    Do Godaddy actual own the servers? I can't find any photos or video of their servers in their data center. I can only find photos of hot women LOL

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    I recommend you They are not new and they do have some nice configurations and they can offer them. Do not waste your time and check them.

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    I don't see any benefit to reply to 2 years old thread.

    mods, please close it.

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    Removed by mod: this is not the Marketplace section... Place your advertising there.
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    I would like suggest you compare the top hosting providers! I found a good site with hosting information, reviews, coupon codes and more. Take a look at

    Mod note: seriously, the guy posted the question in 2009.
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