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    Who here uses/has used HawkHost?

    I use it for this form and I think it's a great host. I would highly recommend it to anyone, the prices are very fair and you get everything you need.

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    Re: HawkHost

    If I ever need a VPS, I'm going to seriously consider them.

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    Re: HawkHost

    I've never used hawkhost, they sound good though but I think I'll stick with my host

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    Re: HawkHost

    I've been using Hawkhost for over 7 months now. Perfect host for me, haven't had any real issues at all

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    Re: HawkHost

    Hawkhost is a great web host, I know a lot of pretty good size forums that use them with out an issue, I have used them myself before, and would recommend them to anyone.

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    Re: HawkHost

    HawkHost is the best host you can find around. ForumPromotion, and other big forums use it, along with me.

    I have been using them since April 2009, and I have only had two downtimes. One of which was an update, another was a hardware fail. Both down for 10-15 mins max.

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    I heard that Hawk Host is really good, and its really reliable and the uptime is also good.

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    i prefer free hosting such as zetaboards or forumotion. but this forum looks great, so hawkhost must be good

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    I haven't, but they sound good so if I get money I'll consider them.

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    I used them for awhile, but being based in the USA limited me so much at the time. Now that i've switched genres some, I could host with them if I really wanted to I suppose.

    However considering they resell server space from SoftLayer (at least for their VPS anyway), I almost rather just buy direct... if you have that kinda money

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