Hi all,

I currently have a VPS with ServInt and am very happy with it however I'm close to maxing out my VPS it's starting to be a bit sluggish when many users are online. The next VPS plan is another $70 for the total of my currently monthly bill I could go low-end dedicated add in the extra $70 and I could get a pretty decent dedicated setup. However I want this to be the last move that I have to make thus I really don't want to go with a dedicated server that I'll eventually have to upgrade. I frequently do server moves for clients and it's just a headache all around plus the downtime involved cannot bode to well with my advertisers.

I was poking around Media Temple which has great reviews all around and I like the idea of instant on demand scalability. The Grid Service is what I'm looking at going for. However I just cannot wrap my head around "GPUs" (Grid Performance Unit) which is how they measure processor usage even with their examples listed here: (mt) Media Temple - Web hosting - (gs) Grid-Service - FAQs I'm sill lost.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Are these GPUs just a way to squeeze more money out of people while appearing to have a lower monthly fee or is it actually worthwhile?