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Thread: Host worry for your sites

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    Host worry for your sites

    I just got mail from one of my hosts where they noticing me about new serious flaw in Wordpress and they recommending immediate upgrade since I have many WP sites. I think this dont look as usual practice.

    Is it possible that they are really worry about my sites and my well being .

    Also they are very friendly and with good reactions, for me noticing they for
    some vulnerabilities when I found them around like last one mentioned by Will.
    Or with some boring questions.

    Does your host do things like this for you?

    I am not mentioning the host since I don't want to be responsible if someone register there and after a year some problems popups

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    We sent out an e-mail to all of our clients the other week.

    Even though the update has been out for a while and crucial, many users had not upgraded. We got a lot of tickets about clients blogs suffering because of it, so we decided to send out an e-mail.

    Better for them to be safe than having to clean up the mess for when it will get exploited.

    Not hard to update Wordpress either. Just to sign up to their mailing list, then literally click on your dashboard to update.
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