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Thread: Hostable 0.99$ 3 years

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    Hostable 0.99$ 3 years a division of brinkster is offering new promo 3 years of unlimited shared hosting for 0.99$. I just applied for one for test and it actualy is working. After 3 years you are obligated to pay 251$ for another 3 years.

    Some of their domains like give phishing notice in Opera and Firefox but its very doubtful, anyway because of that I suggest paying with PayPal not directly credit card.

    Internet is getting full of their offer and everybody is talking about.

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    So will you pay the $251 after 3 years?
    |Nico Lawsons

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    That depends... If they proove them self to be good for my future blog network then yes. Otherwise not.

  4. $251 for 3 years is too pricey

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    for six years since first 3 are free...

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    Thanks Hellas.
    Just Registered a few minutes back.
    Had quite a long chat with customer support and it seems quite legit to me.
    A great find. For those who haven't registered yet, do so immediately as they may close the offer soon(according to what the customer care representative told me).
    There isn't any affiliate program as of yet but will be available once the prices jump back to the normal value/amount.

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    There is a change in agreement.

    If you decide to stay with Hostable after 3 years you will be billed quarterly instead for another 3 years.

    Thats 20$ instead of 250$ right away.

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    now this is interesting, I'm going to have a look. Thanks for the info Hellas...

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    It looks very cheap and ... very suspicious.
    Call us 24/7, toll free @ 1-866-609-6447
    B2 VPS Virtually Limitless.

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    Nice offer for hosting. do you host Wordpress and how much memory provide for plugines .

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