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Thread: Hostgator

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    Sad to hear... even big companies are shit !!

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    lol, hostgator are very good
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    hostgator very good and honest hosting company
    but you havnt break TOS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aytac01 View Post
    Crons that run less than 15 mins ruins the server
    Did you appeal? Or did you ask them why fully?
    You think less then every 15 min? I will have that in mind. Thanks.

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    If everybody would start running crons every minute their service would become bad and they would lose customers...

    They prefer suspending one user above losing 250 customers
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    Yeah Host Gator is too crowded to be able to service the actual needs of people. If you want good hosting, Host Rocket is 10x better than Host Gator, maybe cause the fact that Host Rocket owns the data center / equipment whereas Host Gator is binded to contracts with The Planet.
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    That's the problem with most of the affordable hosting companies. With less than $10 a month, you just have to live with that. Otherwise, spend $50 to get a luxury hosting.
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    I decided to choose hostgator and personally it has been a great experience hosting with them, the site has only been down 1 time and it was for less than 10 minutes. I paid only 1 cent for the first month, and will continue paying 7.99 per month. Beside they are very reliable, great customer support and are one of the top hosts around.

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    HostGator is good. Their customer support been great too. I don't understand why people keep shooting them down online.

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    Yups, Hostgator is the best one i have ever used.

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