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Thread: Hostgator

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    I believe and i can say that hostgator is the best hosting company so far as i am one of the customer to it!

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    Is Hostgator Down ??

    Do you guys see anything that makes you feel like HG is down and out ??

    Their homepage is not loading at all..
    Indian & International webmasters are welcome !!!

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    Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and Dedicated Servers - Website Hosting w/ cPanel - HostGator is working fine for me at the moment, even after re-checking.
    BabesCast.Com - Busty Babes, Hot Chicks and much more! [NSFW] is working fine for me too, which is hosted on Hostgators' servers.

    Maybe it's a problem on your side?
    |Nico Lawsons

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    I don't feel that the hostgator is down and it is working fine here!

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    Working fine here and, my hosted sites too! May be some ISP or browser issue at your end.
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    Shit this can't be true. Babescast or HG aint loadin yo.

    And welcome Yo after a long time
    Indian & International webmasters are welcome !!!

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    I'm not with Hostgator, but I have never heard anyone complained about them. Weird...

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    Have been hosting my sites for such a long time with Hostgator, but than I found out through a post on NetBuilders that every Dollar you pay can be one too much. So checking for cheaper stuff that meets your requirements is always a good thing..

    So I started checking for alternatives and created a thread on DP. I got an offer from LaceHost (Just found out having an affiliate link in posts is allowed so will add it from now on ) and they provided me with everything I needed (I don't need unlimited bandwidth & space etc.).

    Here is my honest review about them: LaceHost.Com Review - Hosting Tropolis

    So Hostgator is good, it isn't expensive.. but you can go to cheaper hosts with the same quality and in the end you'll save a few bucks
    |Nico Lawsons

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    The neat thing I found when going with Hostgator, was a real-live humanoid from the U.S. (didn't know that existed in I.T. customer service here), called me after I placed my order to make sure it was really me. Reason? Because my 3G connection was routed through Chicago for some reason (I live in the country so its a hobo-engineered solution to get online here), and they though someone had stolen my credit card since it was > 500 miles from the address on the card...

    Yeah, costs a little more, but more than happy with them and won't switch unless something dramatic occurs.

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    I currently have HostGator hosting, and I have to say they are probably the best hosting service you can go to for small to mid-sized websites. They offer practically unlimited hosting space, e-mail, subdomains, and add-on domains, plus there's support for PHP5 and some great Apache access, too.

    I would highly recommend HostGator if you're looking to purchase hosting for your websites. Reseller hosting, maybe look somewhere else

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