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Thread: Hosting Company Recommendations

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    I'm using Pluto Hosting.

    I actually recently started working with them too. The two head people are both really nice and treat everyone with a lot of respect.

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    Ive got a paid resellers account with

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    I'm currently with Santrex hosting but will be moving to HawkHost and Warez-hosting.

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    I'm hosting with HawkHost. It's been about 3 years now and I haven't looked back.

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    I use Hostgator since more than one year. I feel, it is the best hosting so far.

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    Hostgator for more than a year, def the best.

    Thinks theres another thread just like this somewhere, remember seein to today lol

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    I own my own server, so i host off my own hosting business.

  8. I use JSHosts it's a small UK-based company,have been using them for a year now,maybe even more,and I can't say anything bad about them,prices are more then appropriate and support is good too (Didn't need it much by now)

  9. i'm with and

    they seem reliable though

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    I am with

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