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Thread: Hosting Company Recommendations

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    Ubiquity Servers - 2 atm (Seattle and NYC)
    Hetzner (Germany) - 1 atm
    Burst NET - 3 atm for clients (Scranton PA)
    Colo@ 34 Peachtree - 1 atm for client (Atlanta, GA)
    Ramhost - DNS slave
    Webmaster Forums
    Host Mist | Shared | Reseller | VPS | Dedicated
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    I'm using iPage

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    With Fatcow since more than a year. Serves all my needs at a reasonably low cost.

  4. i have two accounts in
    great support

  5. Shared hosting at bluehost and managed vps at theprimehost. Only satisfied with the latter of the two.

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    I'm hosting my sites on InfinitumHost (ofcourse ). I'm wondering how much some users that are on HostGator and other hosts could save if they would host with us, but that's for later

    |Nico Lawsons

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    I am using hosting on the two companies for my two sites. First I bought a hosting package with and I must say that I'm not happy, my site was destroyed by hackers twice and the hosting is very slow. and for my other site I bought the hostgator baby plan, and now I am very pleased and I'll switch to it and the site with

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    Why all these "host promotion" topics. We arent allowed to spam about ourselves anyway.
    Profithost is your hosting provider! Cheap dedicated servers and webhosting from Amsterdam.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Profithost View Post
    Why all these "host promotion" topics. We arent allowed to spam about ourselves anyway.
    Probably because NetBuilders is a place where the administrator wants us to make money, not a forum made pure for administrator profits

    We actually forced Will to put on some advertisements from his Adsense account so he could win something too -- not just us through:

    • advertising deals through topics
    • being allowed to use affiliate URL's
    • using the advertisement system
    • etc.

    - Aquarezz
    |Nico Lawsons

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    asmallorange for me. They are simply the best!

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