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Thread: Hosting Company Recommendations

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    Currently hosting with Dreamhost. They're fairly awesome. If anybody wants to save some cash with them I can give you a promo code.

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    I use hostgator cheap

  3. I host my sites myself but I've also had very good quality hosting with for some hobby sites in past (well, I still have a site with them that I've never had the time to transfer...)

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    i just use local host service on
    I'm satisfied enough, so i think i will keep my hosting there.
    I'm also buy a domain there, because they are also sell domain.

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    By Farrhad's recommendation, I've recently switched to My old host was having a LOT of downtime and were generally not very helpful due to the time difference.

    So far the service I've received from WPWH has been exceptional. They moved my site and fixed the broken comments section, all at no extra cost! If the hosting and support is as good as it has been so far, I'll definately stick with them.

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    about wpwebhost, i get free wpwebhost for 1 year but i never use it because i have no wordpress blog.

    Anyway, how much you should pay for 1 month hosting at your webhost service? Mine, i'm charged about $5-unlimited, based on package. But i choose $5 package since i have only a bit bandwitch

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    I'm also hostgator user, i dont have any problem with this hosting and they have cheap hosting plans.

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    for international hosting, even i'm not use it yet, i think hostgator is the best recommendation. It's because, some of my local host is use hostgator also, their are reseller of hostgator.

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    I'm hosting it at a local hosting company..

    so far I have no problems with the hosting, so its all good

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    i use local webhost.. it's dracoola webhost..

    for me they have good customer support... and account creation is not taking much time..
    i apply to them about 7pm. and at 7.30 account for me is already ready to use.

    satisfied for sure... no problem during my 1 year hosting with them.

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