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Thread: Hosting Company Recommendations

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    I use Hostgator for most of my projects. They are just awesome! No downtimes, no warning emails! And best of all, their customer relations is top notch.

    I also use for some of my other projects, which are still in beta. They are quite cheap and also uptime has been great for the last 2 months I have been with them.

    I will also be starting a Web hosting company from the Hostgator reseller I got, so maybe I can also mention my company when it is launched

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    Am hosting

    Am hosting with gr8 support for me as am a reseller. everything is good for me and my customers
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    I'm hosting with, it's amazing

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    I am presently using Downtownhost (extremely pleased), (very good), and (extremely pleased). I just canceled using A2hosting but was very happy with service they provided.

    Out of all the web hosts I have used Bluehost was one of the worst.

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    I am with , I have bought a annual plan after I was happy with a month hosting. 3-4 months have passed and I am happy with it.

  6. im in
    there's no downtime and cheap as well. great support too.

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    Who are you hosting with?

    I am hosting my sites with Yahoo Web Hosting and blogs with WP Web Host.

    Are you happy with them?

    I am not too happy with Yahoo, but yes with WP Web Host.
    I think over the last 5 years yahoo was the worst commercial web host I've ever experienced.. Yahoo should not even be in the web hosting business.. I didn't like them at all, for many reasons.

    For me the most reliable shared web-host for non proxy sites has been hostmonster [ bluehost ], which I am really happy with. The Hostmonster sites have had the least problems out of any other shared or free host I've been with or tried out so far, no I'm not a reseller.

    For dedicated servers, theplanet is great.

    Currently running web proxies on IGXhost and O2Proxy host and things are going ok. IGX has had a few issues but nothing so bad that I'll be making "this host sucks" pages about them.

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    FazeWire Web Services - Home and - Kansas City Colocation and Dedicated Servers

    Both are excellent. Fazewire takes care of my Seattle server (colocated with them) and Wholesale Internet is my personal small server for my hosting site (for offsite reasons / emergencies just in case)
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    I have a reseller account with InnoHosting. No problems whatsoever. Someone else mentioned, which I've used as well. They're great for experimental sites because of their pay-as-you-go model, but they've had issues with downtime, so I no longer use them. For ASP.NET sites, DiscountASP.NET and are awesome.

  10. I am using Hostgator and 200% satisfied with services . Whenever I get some problem just contact tech support via IM option and they do most of my hard work .

    I must say Hostgator rocks for newbies and than masters .

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