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Thread: Hosting Company Recommendations

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    Well for my hosting I run everything on servers I either own that are colocated, or dedicated servers I lease. I run a company that uses the same servers to host, which you will find in my signature.

    I have a high personal stake in keeping my servers online and in turn have had rock solid up time for my hosting company.

    If you're looking for a solid host and not sure where to go, give a shot, I assure you wont be disappointed.
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    I'm with I actually hate them now, they've been having crap uptime lately.

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    I have my own reseller account with, they are great but expensive. I've never had a problem which is why I don't mind paying out the extra few dollars a month.

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    Oh, the host I am using is . They are decent. The prices are low for what you get, and almost never bothers you, unless you find a way around the restrictions that they have on specific stuff you are allowed to use.

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    Right now I'm with Web Hosting Fox. I'm using their paid hosting.

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    I use I have a resellers account with them. And i would 100% recommend them! They offer small hosting to server hosting

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    I have paid accounts on...

    Each serves a purpose, not much else to say really.

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    I am currently with Hawkhost .

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    Just an update, add HawkHost to my list

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    Dreamhost and I think they are great despite what people have said :/

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