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Thread: HostV cPanel VPS

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    HostV cPanel VPS


    I am here to ask for the information about the company called

    I was iterested in this company giving attractive cPanel VPS offers, and I would like to know if their quality is as good as it seems to be.

    If you have or had any personal, or even (trustworthy) second hand experience please let me know!

    thanks in advance!

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    I have never used them myself, but their plans do look attractive. My only concern is that the lower plans are WAY too weak to properly run cPanel. I would never run web hosting with anything less then 2 GB of dedicated RAM.
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    I personally would google hostv reviews:

    Just checked:

    and it came out with bad reviews on VPS so i would definately double check or may be go with some else like Zip Servers ( i am on them now )

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