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Thread: How do you think of annual billing?

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    How do you think of annual billing?

    This is the question. I was afraid of long term deals, until saw annually billed (very cheap) plans at dayana host, which may mean great economy offering plans for ten bucks a year. The attractive thing is hosts experience which is seven years long already.

    So, do you think annual billing is a good thing Or should it be avoided?

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    I personally think it varies from person to person. For me, the majority of the blogs I make will be sold on after a week or two, and there are periods where I won't own any sites for about a month, so, if possible, I'd rather not be paying for months I'm not using.

    Also, I don't know where I'll be in a years time. I'm just moving to college, so the amount of time I have might drastically reduce the amount of time I spend blogging. I personally wouldn't want to make a committment as big as a year.

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    I want to be able to switch my host at all times. But 10 bucks in a year sounds super cheap!
    Hosting at work now so I don't know about hosts that much anymore.

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    Personally, I see no problem in buying an anual plan if you know that the host is reliable. Plus you save, so where's the harm in it?

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    I prefer paying monthly, as if the service is bad you can easily quit.

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    If you do your research and know that the service is good, then go in for the cheap annual options.

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    Personally I do not like Annual Billing. I have been with a company in the past that I payed for a year up front and the company vanished after 3 months.

    With that said, I believe it is a matter of choice. As a web host, Most of my customers are on a month-to-month base, however I have a small handful of customers who pay semi-annually and even annually. I do offer that for all of the customers.
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    I prefer annual. It gives me a 12-month time frame to set aside funds for renewal. If you do your research then there's no reason to be skeptical and go for month to month.

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    Annual billing is only IOK if the company is reliable.

    I think you might have a good as wellas bad experience.

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    I would personally pay monthly for the first few months then semi annualy if i liked them

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