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Thread: How good is this Server Config

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    How good is this Server Config

    AMDAthlon LE 1660 2.80+ GHz
    64 bits
    2 Gb DDR 1/2 RAM
    100MBPS Connection
    Unmetered Bandwidith

    OS: Linux
    CP:Plesk or Lxadmin
    Script : Glype or whichever is best

    I need to know how many proxies can i preferably host on this type of configuration
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    What OS will you be running?

    Also, what type of connection and bandwith will you have?

    I'm not a proxy expert, but a few extra info would allow us to give you a better feedback.

  3. Which proxy script will you use and how much RAM does the server have?
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    What control panel are you going to be using?

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