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Thread: How good is a VPS with 1gb ram?

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    How good is a VPS with 1gb ram?

    I have a football forum. It gets about 300 to 400 unique visitors a day on any normal month. When there's a major competition during that month, I will get about 500 to 700 unique visitors a day.

    My ajax chatbox in the homepage is being used very frequently by members, so much so until my web host advised me to shut it down. I'm currently on a shared hosting. And everyday, members will post football related pictures in the forum.

    If I get a VPS with the following specs, how fast will my site be?

    80GB Disk Space
    1024MB Ram
    500GB Monthly Traffic
    100Mbit Connection

    Any experts in here? I'm a noob at web hosting.

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    It would be very nice. I suggest you to use DirectAdmin or LXAdmin instead of cPanel if you want to use it only for one site. DirectAdmin is more cheaper, and it's using less resources than cPanel. LXAdmin, also uses less resources and it is free.
    If your team is USA-based, buy VPS located in USA, if its somewhere from Europe, look for European VPS, etc. etc.

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    It's a good VPS but it depends on how much you're going to spend and where you're going to buy it.

    If Midphase Then Forget

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    I will be adding 2 or 3 more sites by middle next year.

    I'm looking at a Singapore VPS since 95% of the members/visitors came from Singapore. Will cost me about S$150 or around US$100 a month.

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    That's insane!

    Check this site out:

    WiredTree - Managed Dedicated Servers | Managed VPS Hosting | Fully Managed Web Hosting

    I have my servers there, they are brilliant; with a coupon you can have a much better solution for less $

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shenron View Post
    That's insane!
    Err, it doesn't seem that insane. WiredTree offer 768MB for $77/month, the VPS he is eyeing up offers 1GB for $13 more per month - but the big plus is that it is Singapore based.

    Seriously, I wish New Zealand's server prices were cheaper - I'd probably swipe one to use at school (school computers are stationed to 5 monitors per unit, which can get pretty laggy at times).

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    Well, why don't you buy from Shinjiru, or some other country close to China? They have pretty good prices for Virtual Private Servers. Also, you can pick Malaysian datacenter, its close to Singapore. 784MB of guaranteed ram should do the job, but yeh, 1GB is good too :P

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    With a coupon that VPS costs less than $70 for 1 GB Ram, and I can assure their quality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shenron View Post
    With a coupon that VPS costs less than $70 for 1 GB Ram, and I can assure their quality.
    I'm sure (if he's willing to move his site onto a non-Singaporean server) that Nathan ( would be quite capable of providing an ever better and cheaper solution.

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    Oh, that's cool! I need to check Nathy's solutions soon, but my lazy arse...

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