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Thread: how long ... ?

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    how long ... ?

    How long have you provided your services?

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    We have been in business for 30+ years.

    its crazy how much things have changed in that time, especially with internet, online marketing has changed our business in a good way

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    Does it any mannter?

  4. I've been doing organic / natural SEO since 1996.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bhartzer View Post
    I've been doing organic / natural SEO since 1996.
    Ditto for me. I started in 1997.

    I still remember Danny Sullivan's first Search Engine Strategies conference in 1999 when creating doorway pages was a hot topic. The next year Google started to penalize doorway pages (it was one of their first penalties) and no one was talking about it.

    Danny still has a copy of the first SES site for the 1999 conference.

    Search Engine Strategies'99
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