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Thread: How many hosts have you been on?

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    I've been on 10 different hosts.

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    I started using, moved to, then my current hosting

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    I have been on 2 hosts.

    000Webhost and Web Hosting Fox.

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    Cant remember because i use quite number of free hosting years ago. However, for the paid hosting, i only been on hostgator and namecheap. Both of them are good enough

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    Well my experienced with host is mixed experienced, I started with free hosting i.e x10 hosting, after 6 months they ban me for using huge resource and even deny me to give my database. Then I go for good paid hosting thats is wjuck, they are good company, I have good experience with them. Now I am on my friends hosting and its the best i can get. Support on phone, everything unlimited.

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    Just wondering how many different hosting companies you've used in the past?*

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    Including the one I'm using now, two. I am hosted by GoDaddy, and my previous host was Exocrew. GoDaddy has not given me any problems, and the support is prompt and decent. As for Exocrew, that company hosted my forum for free, and offered a generous package that included phpMyadmin and FTP access, and theoretically unlimited hard drive space and bandwidth. The catch? You got a medium sized banner near the footer of the index page.
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    I've used a lot myself. Had some horrible experiences on shared hosting, then decided it was time to just get a VPS and manage everything myself. Couldn't be happier.

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    About 10 till date lol

    For different websites obviously

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    man ive used to many to count. i've been with a lot of hosting companies in the past im pretty happy at host gator now though. ive been through a lot of shared hosting companies because their support isnt that great, or their servers are always problematic. i dont think having a website thats down all the time is a good thing

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