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Thread: How many websites do you host

  1. How many websites do you host

    Hey everyone!

    How many websites do you run under 1 hosting service?

    I myself run 1 under 1 host but will soon add another website.
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  2. I am now switching most of my sites to K-Disk.
    Earlier they were all with HG.
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  3. I am trying to host them all on one host, but I am having trouble moving my biggers sites to my host.

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    I know that under Kiwidia we have all the blogs on one host, so about six sites. For my personal hosting, I have about two (took a lot off the server)

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    Before when i didn't own my own hosting company i had about 3-4 domains(addon) under one account since reseller's are not the way to go in my opinion.

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    I have close to 20 on It's what I tell my clients to use, but many use others before they come to me so a variety of others. HE has always been the best for me.
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    I host around 10 websites all on mediatemple grid. Some of those belong to my family, friends and clients.

  8. I have around 5 websites hosted on TMZHosting. Im going to move hosts soon because they are taking up to much bandwidth.
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    I currently host alot of domains on K-Disk, They are spread out on over 30 nameservers and over 50 private nameservers.
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