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Thread: JustHost is Absolutely Great! Cheap, Reliable, Fast.

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    JustHost is Absolutely Great! Cheap, Reliable, Fast.

    I'm currently on JustHost. It's really cheap (if you use promo code 50OFF): about $42 yearly CANADIAN for a free lifetime domain and CPANEL, MYSQL, subdomains, email, ftp, and way, way more. Instant wordpress installation. Support is great; there's an instant chat, and they reply to emails very quickly. If you want to drop out within 30 days, they give you a full refund; if you want to drop out after that, they give you a refund for the remaining time of your hosting.

    I recommend them.
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    I wouldn't agree with you at all, they said i had phising files when i hardly ever used the hosting i had. I also paid yearly and managed to get full refund after 3months with them. Support is ok nothing different to ohters and you have to buy add on for your site to be really fast

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