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Thread: Looking for web hosting....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Will.Spencer View Post
    A Google search for '1and1 nightmare' returns 14,000 results...

    1and1 nightmare - Google Search
    Ahhhh....fantastic. I did a Google search for "better than 1&1" and got a few bad reviews, but virtually everything has a few bad ones. I'll be trying to transfer the domain name later this evening, so I guess we'll see how that goes. My wife watches our card accounts like a hawk, so i'm POSITIVE she'll let me know if there's extra charges ("I swear honey, 1&1 must have charged that case of tequila at our local liquor store!!!").

    The server i'll be sharing is with InMotion. I think i'll go Google "InMotion nightmare".....

    Thanks to everyone for the heads up on the 1&1 crookedness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elishevadpw View Post
    I use Web hosting provider - - domain hosting - PHP Hosting - cheap web hosting - Frontpage Hosting E-Commerce Web Hosting Bluehost. Have been for 5 years now. They have excellent customer service that gets back to you very promptly. I'm happy.
    I've been using bluehost also, the customer service really is top notch.

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    Still HostGator is one of the best in my opinion...
    I never experienced any problems with them, tickets are answered fast and there is always live chat...
    Never had downtime or slow speed too so


  4. I'm 1&1 hosted and I've had no problems whatsoever downtime or payment wise. In fact I'd be posting my affiliate link here if I could.

    I think the reason there are complaints about them is that they offer low rates which entices the 'starters' netizens to sign up. The problem then is that those starters are more likely to be confused on how to go about things, cancellation of their packages or what not.

    People should start reading instructions properly. I'm sure 1&1 wouldn't be in business if they were not doing things properly and the tag of "The world's #1 WebHost" would be such a burden to market.

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    No matter what people say, the major hosters out there like,

    1. bluehost
    2. dreamhost
    3. hostgator
    4. 1and1
    5. godaddy
    6. netfirms
    7. siteground
    8. ix webhosting
    9. hostmonster
    will always continue to rule. they are the best out there, with immense amounts of support staff and technical assistants

  6. I don't like to do business with large companies.

    I like to know that I can call the owner's cell phone if there are any problems.

    I like to know that my account is important to their business, and that's just not true with large corporations.
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    Yes, I agree with Will.
    With little companies, maybe the supprt is not 24x7 but you can discuss with the owner and be friend with him.

    Be friend with the owner is to have discount, great support and usefull contacts.
    It's why I prefer TMZHosting, TechEntrance Breizh-Heberg (French, they have a self-coded panel !) etc...

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