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Thread: The most you have spent on a domain?

  1. For me it is 99$.
    I spent it on a .ac, which i never ended up using.

    I have never really bought an undeveloped domain.
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    $10 for me. I too never buy domains.

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    Why anybody would spend more I don't know.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Sneakyheathen View Post

    Why anybody would spend more I don't know.
    If you wanted a domain name but it was already taken then you would pay more $$$ for it, or if you were to have a name like and someone had then you might want to buy the so you do not bring them traffic .....

    Just remember when purchasing a domain name that you should always get the .net also or vise versa
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    I bought a .me recently for 18$. I always come up with domain names on my own.

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    $30 for mine one.I hate thier service though and i soon will change it or buy my own server if things went as planned:P.
    Shared hosting is just too troublesome
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    The most I've spent is $75 on a brandable 5-letter .com.

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    I bought and had to wait for a week to buy due to me loosing my Credit Card. By the time my replacement was shipped someone bought it. They said they would part with it for $100.00. I did not want to but I did.
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    $10. Name related is becoming less important.
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    Someone with the same name as me registered my full name. I had big plans so I bought it for $250. Then the next year I forgot to renew it

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