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Thread: Next Trend in Hosting

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    Maybe, as computers advance, there will be a way to have a remote connection to the host server WITHOUT an internet connection... publishing from a little application on your computer.

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    You can do so much now, and the options are whatever you want, so I think they will just keep adding new features as the needs command.
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    Some one said about death of FTP and emergence of drag and drop. Well, for your info, drag and drop has been a long time feature...Web Disk...does it ring a bell?

    FTP cannot die, it is a protocol. Its like saying that in a few years time, http will die, if we are talking about the future of the internet.

    I like the idea of websites hosted on your own machine; unless of course, you can meet the electricity and security costs.

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    A really nice FTP web-app would be, well, really nice.
    17th July 2009. It's coming.

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