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Thread: Next Trend in Hosting

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    Next Trend in Hosting

    Hello All,
    I just would like to probe the minds of other webmasters, what is the future of WebHosting. I am not talking about software, but features.
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    I personally think that the virtual office will take off and hosting will be more demanding business accounts and SECURE storage with vpn.

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    A new version of Cpanel, a click and drag option (instead of going threw FTP), in fact, FTP might even disappear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nic SEO View Post
    in fact, FTP might even disappear.
    what? then how do you suppose you can access your file system?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaya View Post
    what? then how do you suppose you can access your file system?
    With some magic and determination. This was just an idea I suppose a revolution in webhosting could replace FTP access with something else, which would be enjoyable since I'm having issues right now with FileZilla!

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    I for one would die if FTP disappears. it's a protocol, so it won't. You have no idea how much stuff is realized through ftp. it isn't just an upload / download thing. think shared folders etc

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    Before hosted file is launched, we can see preview page first directly from hosting account. I find this feature is not available in my hosting company, i hope in the future this feature will available.

    That maybe not too important feature but it's helped anyway.

    Another feature maybe, just the look, become more web 2.0 and more easy to navigate.

  8. FTP will never die.

    Maybe a a new version of cpanel but thats nothing special.

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    I reckon hosts will become more specific in a particular niche. For example, WPWebHost specialise in Wordpress hosting. I reckon more companies like that will emerge for different things such as forums, blogs, wikis. Just loads of variety.

  10. I have no idea what to expect from the future. But I'm looking forward to some interesting and handy new things!

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