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Thread: Offsite Backups

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    Offsite Backups


    I want to know is there any one here using Offsite backups? If yes then of which company you people are using.


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    My host provides it. They take backups on a daily basis, free of charge.
    Is your site a large site, or a small information site?

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    Well I want to backup whole of my server's account

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    My server provider offers free remote nightly backups, however it is a hassle to obtain them. That's why my future host and most hosts today only offer those backups in the event of a large-scale data loss and you need to rely on your own backups.
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    Quote Originally Posted by menj View Post
    I don't rely on an offsite backup, I have a WP plugin which automatically sends me SQL backups of the sites every week.
    That's a good option for very small sites, the problem is when you need to backup 50 Gb+ of data, just like I do... (and many many others)

    Having a good backup plan (offsite preferable) is definitely the way to go if you're serious about this business.

  6. I provide my own off site backups. I'll backup the databases to my sites and download them to my home computer on a regular basis.

    And a few times a year I will download the entire html folder for each site to my computer.

    I try to keep a backup on my home computer and on a portable passport drive.

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    I'm actually confused upon what to use for backups. I did find something called r1soft, but not sure how effective it would be when the two servers are far apart (ex Denver to Chicago)
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  8. Most folks I know recommend
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  9. Backups are very important,my host does weekly backups and from time to time i do backups myself,just to be on the safe side

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