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Thread: Paid vs Free Hosting

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    Paid vs Free Hosting

    Hey guys! could anyone here tell us that what are the advantages of getting paid hosting over free hosting? Please share this knowledge with us.

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    Paid hosting is always the best way to go, you get a lot more bandwitth.
    If you're using free hostin g, people will know and it looks very un-profesional in my opinion, you pay for what you get.

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    I agree with cheesy but be advised that not all paid-hosting companies are good or reliable

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    we started a warez forum in a freehosting site....
    it worked off well
    soon we had our numbers growing...
    then we shifted to private server and started the website
    so initially its not not abt paid or free but growing your data base
    later on we can move to a good paid hosting
    hope this helps

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    free hosting is good i hosted it on it on a very good site.
    but paid will get you alot more ussally a better Cpanel with more features and lots of stuff

    but depending on your site free may be better at this time

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    free hosting may be die , you can loss database

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    cool.. ur information..

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    i need one domian free. who have please sharing for me .thank you

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    not all free hosting spam us with advertisements
    there are many good free hosting that use only one or two spots for these things

  10. If you are serious about building a site, stay away from free hosting. When you get ready to upgrade to a paid hosting, some of those "free" sites charge you for a copy of the database. Some of the prices I have heard are like $50 for a copy of the database.

    So in the long run, free hosting may turn out not to be so free after all.

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