So I have this client who has multiple domain names that all pull up the same site, problem is Google shows some of each so it is hard to actually track keywords. I asked them to change the domain redirects so that only the main name is actually the one that shows even if someone typed in the other.

My problem seems to be terminology, since there are different ways of doing this. On the server I use which is a VPS, it is called parking. If someone types in the other name it pulls up by the main name in the browser bar and the search engines give the weight to the main name.

Now to top it off, even after asking how many domain names they had, which they said just the 2, I have found 2 more!

I am trying to show how many searches are coming up in Google now that I have done the work and it is too complicated since different domain names appear for different search terms.

Well, all that said, what is the proper term used for search engine friendly redirect, pointing, parking, or forwarding that I need to tell their IT department to do?