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Thread: Proxy Hosting

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    After bad experiences with nearly every other proxy host I've tried such as hagiohost, Tmzhosting and others, I have settled upon Techentrance as being the best shared proxy host.

    Sure, the price is a bit higher, but the uptime, speed, reliability and complete lack of headaches will make up for it.
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    VPS in the cloud is state of the art because it is scalable. Traditional VPS and dedi servers are being replaced by nodes in cloud computing. has many other advantages including failover, instant and on demand upgrades, etc etc

    Check them out guys, their VPS prices are very attractive, too.

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    Seriously get a VPS or dedicated, you have no idea how many of the proxies submitted to my site slow as hell, probably using that shared hosting, makes me want to just ban them from submitting. lol
    Submit new proxies -

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    U can Visit Myqwertyhost It Recomendation From Me...I Have hosted more than 20 Proxy Over there...Faster, Cheaper, Stable...

  5. Vectro Hosting is best shared proxy hosting.

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