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Thread: required bandwidth for arcade site?

  1. required bandwidth for arcade site?

    i'm still in the process of creating my arcade site and i think its now ready.
    i just can't decide whether which hosting plan to but for it?

    please recommend .

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    I would just use shared hosting until you get real traffic on it. You have to check the ToS of your provider as many are not "arcade friendly" when I last mucked with em (similar to finding service for a proxy). I used the middle tier plan at HostGator.

    Hostgator never yelled at me for running mine there. I never got past 500 uniques a day with it, but I remember seeing a lot of warnings from those more experienced than I on the arcade forums about going with a plan that limits your bandwidth per month. The flash games could eat away at it.

    Have fun and hopefully you make money with it! I had to give mine up since I made more money picking up loose change in the parking lot

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    DreamHost's Shared Hosting and VPS Plans both accommodate arcade sites. I ran several on each of these plans, with other sites thrown into the mix as well, and never experienced any issues or problematic situations. Therefore, I would recommend that you give their services a try and see what happens.

    If you do decide to sign-up, you can use the promotional code KOVICH at the checkout and get $50 off your order.

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