My host has a few stats applications running through cPanel, Webalizer being one of them.

My account is only allowed 75 megs of space, which is NOT a lot by ANY standard, so anything I can do to keep those number down, it certainly worthy of giving a try.

As my host offers two options (Webalizer AND Awstats) I only need one of them...and Awstats is just a lot cooler (IMHO) so I opted to out my webalizer.

And here is the main reason I opted to nix the former... When looking at my Disk Space Usage to find where I was wasting space I noticed that Webalizer was using 15 megs of space ... 15 megs! That is a HUGE chunk of space where space is limited.

I asked around a bit to find out just what could be done, and found that the host would not remove the app from my server, so I asked around for other options and this is what I found....

By hunting down \username\tmp\webalizer\ I could set it's permissions to 0000 thereby blocking the server itself from writing in this directory. That put a cap on the 15 megs... but that was not enough, I still had those 15 megs! So I had to change the permissions again so I could delete the contents, and I did.

So if you are on a shared (or even a non-shared) server and have limited room, check out your Webalizer if you have it... see how much room they are eating up, then learn from my own experiences, and NIX it!


  1. Find \username\tmp\webalizer\
  2. Delete the content from said directory
  3. Then set the permissions to 0000
  4. Utilize that extra space for more money generating content!

I assume that other stat apps can be done the same way, but I've not tested them for any ill effects as Awstats was not using enough space to bother with.

Google Analytics does a better job at tracking stats anyway so even if you killed them all it should be OK.

(note: I am on ASO, so I'm not sure if the same can be done on your host)

Hope I helped someone with this...