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Thread: SEO hosting

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    It is really difficult to find out best SEo host.

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    I hate to break the news to you guys, but there is no such thing as SEO hosting. The host has no effect on your rank positions. If you want a dedicated IP address, most hosting companies offer that. You can also set up sites on different class C IPs, but the host selection does nothing for your SEO efforts.

    Pick a hosting company based upon reliability and 24/7 support. Cheaper is not always better. With hosting, there doesn't seem to be any relationship between cost and reliability.
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    I agree, but some host companies (mostly resellers who will say and do anything for business) advertise as SEO hosting.

    Then you have people who think it is such a thing as SEO hosting so they go on forums to spread the word.

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    Only personal experience will tell you which host is the best.
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    imo choose a host with good support team+ reliable +good uptime guarantee!
    I have used hostgator and found it does the job good!

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    I'd like to know what do you name as SEO hosting?

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    I don't think that so called SEO hosting is useful in terms of optimization.

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    There are many SEO hosting companies whose services are quality.

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    Pricing of the SEO hosting is not low I dare say.

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    Ive always used hostgator due to their 24/7 live chat....dont really know what you mean by SEO hosting.....???

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