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Thread: is that a sound idea?

  1. Namecheap is ICANN accredited since 2007, so they probably should be on the list as independents.

  2. ICANN accreditation is an important thing for the domain registrar.l
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    I prefer to have a deal with ICANN accredited domain registrars.

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    There's 'horror stories' about host/registers deciding to keep the site should you fail to pay the hosting on time. This shouldn't be a big deal when you have the domain registered with a ICANN accredited company and can change the DNS server.

    Another issue is when the host goes down. You may be offline for weeks with no way to contact the host. Again you need to be able to change the DNS server and move the site to a new host.

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    I prefer to reg domains with ICANN accredited domain registrars.

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