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Thread: Stop spam letter

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    Stop spam letter

    I am very keen to send emails to servers that hosts domain that spam me. I do not care about the normal viagra spam beucase they probly fake they it anyway but i want to send a spam letter to the normal regular spam servers.

    Is there a standard letter to send when it come to spam and servers?

    Like delete this account from your server now or i will take action.

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    Wow,maybe you can find some ways to hack these servers who support spamming.
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    If you answer these mails, you'll get a failure email back. Most of these 'senders emails' get removed right after the mail has been sent

    Just remove them. It's all you can do
    |Nico Lawsons

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    No no i got an answer alright but my email is not pro enough. I want an email that says "I AM NOT JOKING AROUND"

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    This is exactly what I do, and it works beautifully:
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  6. most hosting companies will act quickly if they receive complaints like this, in order to avoid getting any of their IP's blacklisted. Forward a copy of the email (complete with headers) to the hosting provider's abuse department and they should take action for you.

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    right but i want a example on how to write a good letter to scare the shiiiit out of them

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    Quote Originally Posted by thesyndicate View Post
    right but i want a example on how to write a good letter to scare the shiiiit out of them
    I understand it, but it won't make sense. Just delete them as soon as you spot them
    |Nico Lawsons

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