60 days ago about I asked for a refund before my 30 day period was up. The service was not what I expected and the support is only on when USA is awake. Believe me I tried to be on the chat for 12 hours and I also called using skype for 12 hours nobody picked.

They have no been avoiding my emails, saying they can not pay back my Credit Card ( I use pay pal). Today I got an email saying I made the server to break down last month but I already left them before that.

They were down for over 1 week and I have all the emails from a sorry CEO. I am sure people are leaving them like flies now.

Now my question is can I sue Tigersites.com GreenGeeks.com even if I am not in USA? Will it cost me millions of dollar or can I use a lawyer in some kind of small “court” I am a person who never give up if someone treated me bad.

They have a simple business plan, rent a server from The Planet and then fill it with different kind of business and if someone takes to much space they just kick you out and give no refund. I have email of that to when the CEO saying they closed down some sites stealing to much power. Tigersites.com use Greengeeks.com payment system they are the same company. I think they have a few others as well.

The Affiliate program that gives 50 USD does not work as well, every time my friends recommend me he see no sales on the Affiliate tab. He had to call them to tell them I was the customer from him

I am thinking to put up a SUCKS page but I am not sure yet. With over 50 different blogs and 20 000 followers on twitter I can do much damage as well J