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Thread: TMZ Hosting

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    ok now its up

  2. Next time refer to this site: Down for everyone or just me? Makes it easier and faster for you.
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    I used them for one week like two years ago, and my site was down more than it was up.

  4. I hate to say this but is down again.

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    I have a Reseller on that server. I got hacked then my clients got hacked too (Then the server went down or was taken down due to this I suppose). I feel like screwing Tmz now!!! grrr.... Daniel is on vacation and my clients are calling me up (since I gave them my personal number!!)...WTF??! Please come online Daniel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Farrhad A View Post
    Next time refer to this site: Down for everyone or just me? Makes it easier and faster for you.
    We use higher tools and scan uptime/downtime from 20 ~40 places. It might be down for you but up for others. But this time, I guess it's down for everyone.

  7. The server was not hacked its just down. We are working on restoring all services shortly.

    - Daniel
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    Thumbs up Tmzhosting down!!! Wtf site is dead and down for like 5 hrs. my corporate business site is dead......i am very angry atm............ i cant even go to to open a ticket there is not a single way to contact with them for support. wtf is this called a webhosting service!!

    Daniel contact with me asap.


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    It's offline too for me at the moment. But after I got "fired" I stopped every hosting account I had with them. There used to be a topic on NetBuilders to explain how bad TMZHosting was. And from reading this topic, it looks like they haven't changed yet

    I really hope for you this gets all solved. Daniel from TMZHosting seems to be online on MSN at the moment, I'm talking to him and I hope he responds. If he does I'll link him to this thread

    |Nico Lawsons

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    Wow! I get home and zip all my tmz hosted sites are down, nice! You say they've been down for 5 hrs now... great...

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