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Thread: TMZ Hosting

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    I may have to move also. Bummer but maybe you get what you pay for. I coach girls fastpitch softball and this is the time of year that kids move around for another team. Now that I can't publish a fall schedule or who is on the team is killing me.

    I guess I'll spend more as a non-profit to get more reliability.

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    Well looks like tmz is finally back up...

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    Sad to hear they keep having troubles, hope things get steady for you people over there soon.
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  4. I just merged a couple of threads about TMZ.

    I'm probably moving to O2 Proxy Hosting when I find time to move.
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    at last tmz is up now thats 10-11 hr downtime. I should kill myself now.

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    OMG there down again!! Enough already...arghhh. I just got set up to move my sites to another host, but nope I can't even get away from them.

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    Like mentioned before, it's better to quit TMZHosting and skip to o2 Proxy Hosting (Yes it's an affiliate URL). It's not good to advertise other companies in one companies' topic -- but when the service is so terrible, it's necesarry.

    Ow to the people not liking to sign up through an affiliate URL (which doesn't make a difference but heck ) here is the link to o2 without going through my affiliate URL. My proxy hosted on o2 can be found here.

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