Hi Guys, TMZhosting is down again.

The moment i am writing this post , the server sdstmz.com is down, but there main site is up.

even live chat is dead.

This time i am in real trouble. my company F l a t b a r i . com representative had gone to meet with a local giant real estate developer (advanced real estate developers). i just received call from my company stuff that the site is down and how can they give presentation in this situation. they are in meeting room and holding there finger crossed. I am totally busted right now. I think this will end my company reputation and ofcourse will lost the contract project with them. FUCKK!!

Damn i hate this kind of downtime. WHY WHY WHY???

i already paid yearly for the hosting. I would like to get refund for rest of the month i have ASAP. will switch to some reliable hosting by tonight.

Daneil if you read this post contact me asap. email: tanbirahmed@gmail.com