Hello All,
There has been alot of discussion over the past few months in regards to Hosting Ethics. Ethics are what seperates a true host from a fly-by-night scam. I am posting this in effort to help potential hosting start-ups. I eventually would like to start up a firm dedicated to hosting ethics, but there has been alot of fight back from the Hosting Community.

I would now like to publish a guideline to hosting ethics.

Customer Privacy - Under no circumstances are you to ever release ANY customers information to a 3rd party.
  • If you post reviews on your site, make sure that you have the express written concent of your customers to use their name and/or domain name.
  • Current and Former customers data should be treated the same. You should never sell your former customers data just because they moved on.
  • You should have a active and infoced privacy policy on your site.
  • You should require any 3rd party who for some reason needs access to customer data (such as law enforcement) sign a Non-Disclosure agreement.
Refund Policy - If you have one, please follow it. I see hundreds of complaints per week that a host is refusing a refund. There are very few reasons why a refind should be refused (all should be outlined in your refund policy). Some reasons include;
  • Abuse
  • Charge Backs
  • Violation of Terms of Service
  • Cost of Domain
Written Terms of Service - Have one and enforce it. You should check with your host to see if they will suppily a template or for permission to re-brand theirs.