I had purchased a VPS from Virgin Hosting. After a few days one of my clients wanted a VPS, so I purchased it for him from virginhosting.com but he was not satisfied by their services and did not want to continue with them. He decided that after that billing cycle he would move to host gator. I forwarded his request to virgin hosting. Two-three days later the Cpanel license of his VPS expired. Seeing this client was annoyed and he asked for refund. I refunded his amount and asked virgin hosting for refund. Just then I noticed that my VPS was down. I tried to reboot it but was unsuccessful so I submitted a ticket. I have received no response regarding the refund ticket. Regarding my own VPS I got their reply after 10 hours


Virginhosting claims that they take daily backup so I asked them if my backup was safe but there is no response of any kind. It is more than 100 hours that my VPS is said to have vanished. I am continuously trying to contact them but virgin hosting is not responding at all. More than 150 sites of mine are down; some of them are big sites and have very heavy traffic. The data is more than 30GB.This data was a result of hard work of many years.

Virgin hosting is a host you can never trust. They do not care for their client. Virgin hosting is worst hosting.

Tell me what should i do with them?